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  • In addition to glasses, we also provide contact lens fittings, which changes the sophistication of one’s prescription. We perform fittings for patients interested in the following lenses:

    • spherical
    • toric (for those with moderate to high astigmatism)
    • multifocal (for those with presbyopia or over the age of 40)
    • monovision (for those with presbyopia over the age of 40)
    • colored contacts (with and without corrective power)

    We also offer fittings of specialty lenses (hybrid and scleral contact lenses) for those diagnosed with keratoconus.

    Fittings include instruction and assistance in:

    • Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Techniques
    • Contact Lens Care and Maintenance Regimens

    Lens Selection
    We have a large selection of contact lenses both in stock and available to order to suit your individual needs. Among the internationally-known, high-quality brands we carry are:

    • CIBA
    • Vistakon
    • Bausch & Lomb
    • Cooper Vision

    and other world wide known lenses.

    With competitive pricing, rebates, and home delivery for a year’s supply, we work hard to ensure that our patients are pleased with their vision as well as their contact lenses.