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  • Treatments

  • With the help of our optical professionals, you can build your lenses, choosing from treatments such as Crizal No-Glare and UV Protection lenses, Crizal scratch-resistant coatings, and Transitions treatments that virtually eliminate the need for a separate pair of prescription sunglasses.

    No-Glare treatments also create a more attractive appearance, reducing reflections off your glasses for a flawless look. Scratch-resistant coatings also protect your lenses against five enemies of crisp vision: glare, smudges, scratches, dust, and water. They also cut down on headlights from oncoming traffic at night, adding safety to style. Nighttime driving is crisper with reduced glare and halos from overhead streetlights. They also eliminate eye strain, headaches, and fatigue for those spending much of their time on computers, tablets, and smartphones by blocking out reflections caused by the screens. Some treatments also filter out the blue light emitted by electronic screens, not only eliminating fatigue, but also preserving the health of your eyes.

    Transitions are well-known for their advanced photo-chromatic shifts, but in the past, some found that they would not transition when behind a windshield, as most are designed to block out UV rays. Transitions has evolved their treatments to Transitions Extra Active, creating lenses that not only shift behind windshields, but they also create a slight tint to the lens permanently, to keep your eyes comfortable even in indoor lighting, which some find to be harsh and glaring. This not only prevents headaches, but it also keeps your eyes protected and healthy in every light.